Perak, the character of the land a tourist-delight mixed of scenic undulating landscape, agricultural farmlands and rustic plantations set against a picturesque backdrop of tropical rainforested limestone mountain ranges, a western coastline with a number of offshore idyllic slands, all these are pleasantly spread over her 21,000 sq km area. If one traverse Perak, commonly referred as The Silver State as well as Land of Grace, she shares common borders with South Thailand up north, Kelantan and Pahang on her mountainous eastern front and down south with Selangor.

Perak is known for her historical prominence; the Perak`s Sultanate is a direct lineage of the last Sultan of Malacca, who`s eldest son escaped Malacca`s Portuguese conquerors and established a new dynasty in 1528; Malaysia owes her National Anthem, supposedly a French music piece picked up in Seychelles by the banished in-exile Perak Sultan, after a period of political turmoil in Perak in the 1870s. Pardoned at old age and on his return from Seychelles, the tune formed the basis for Perak`s and subsequently Malaysia`s National Anthem; the limestone caverns of Perak – a distinct landscape feature especially in the Kinta Valley has always been a favoured dwelling abode and hideout since time immemorial, from stone age through the Japanese occupation, Malayan Communist insurgency and surely none more celebrated than the long staying cave dweller; The Perak Man, a 10,000-11,000 year old human skeleton exceptional find at Gua Gunung Runtuh in Lenggong.

Amongst others, Perak`s diverse touristic highlights includes; at her northenmost corner the flora and fauna rich Royal Belum State Park with her 117,500 hectares of pristine tropical rainforest and mainstream river systems converging into massive Temengor Lake; Ipoh – 19th century Hub of Malaya, known then as the town built by tin and other quaint `old world charm` former tin mining towns – Taiping, Batu Gajah, Gopeng, Kampar, Papan & Parit, Pusing & Siputeh in once world`s tin-richest Kinta Valley that has been time warp cocooned - certainly a shutterbug and filmmakers delight for period-piece film sets; the 1906 gazetted Matang Mangrove Forest, a mangrove and mudflats ecotourism wonder; Gua Tempurung and the numerous aged-old Chinese Limestone Cave Temples carved out of the 5 km stretch of Gunung Rapat`s limestone hills; Kuala Kangsar – Perak`s Royal Town with a rich historical and cultural legacy; Pangkor Island very much an unspolt, idyllic beach holiday destination.

In more recent times and in underlining the natural scenic beauty and old world charm of Perak, it was apt that for the main film-sets for filming the Hollywood epic “Anna & the King”, the choice main locations was largely in and around various parts of Perak, namely Ipoh, Batu Gajah, Papan and Parit with the resplendent Siamese Royal Court and palace grounds of King Mongkut replicated at Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort, Batu Gajah.

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